What’s the Best Season for Buying a Home in Boise?

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When you’re ready. The most definitive answer on the best month or season to buy a home is when you’re ready.

In terms of seasons, there are seasonal fluctuations that present convincing arguments for buying either in spring or winter. That said, June and July certainly isn’t a bad time to make your move – and it might just be a great one.

Four seasons image for the City of Trees

I love it that the City of Trees has four seasons, (even though I have to remind myself of that love during our hottest and coldest days)!

In spring and early summer, we tend to get a flood of properties on the market when schools let out, so inventory increases. The number of buyers looking alongside you during this peak moving season increases as well. Weather tends to be mild. All this can make early June/July a fabulous time to buy, particularly when Boise’s inventory was lackluster all winter.

In winter and fall, prices and competition may be lower, however inventory tends to be down as well.  It also makes for colder or wetter moving days. That said, it’s off-season for home-improvements and supplies may be on sale or contractors may be more accessible. Some prefer the “tweener” months, like early spring when the most activity hasn’t hit, but winter’s chill is still affecting prices.

Looking back one year, prices have been increasing this year and inventory started low, but has been rising, with a seasonal boost expected. If this trend continues, the sooner-rather-than-winter approach makes sense, if and only if you’re truly ready. If you’re ready in winter, then go for it at that time.

To be truly ready to own, in my option, means you have the income, credit history and fiscal responsibility that support home ownership. Buyers in this category will have no problem obtaining financing. See my blog Are You Ready to Own? http://fosterboise.com/ready-to-own and read what it means to be truly ready to own and a wonderful chart that compares the costs of owning to the costs of renting.

If you are ready to buy, I am ready to help. I always recommend watching the market when, or even before you’re ready. If you’re not already receiving emails with real time listings as they hit the market, let me know. This could be the easiest next step you take.


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