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Buy-Boise and Foster Boise in 2014

Shop local!

The “Buy-Boise” and Foster Boise names stand for support, community and local thinking. It’s much more than helping our clients sell or buy the perfect home in the Treasure Valley. In the past year, we’ve fostered a few of the finer things that our local Boise community has to offer by shopping local; donating money, time and effort; supporting local businesses and non-profits; and eating local, and keeping the business revenue your home sales generate in the community.

Looking back on 2013, and Buy-Boise Real Estate Group’s fourth successful year as a team, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve been able to give back to our community. We believe that you, our friends, family and clients, feel the same way. So, here are a few of the local businesses and organizations that you have supported, by supporting us in 2013 (my best year to date!):

  1. Bombing Boise – We finally did it! This past holiday season, we set aside our “annual bonus” funds and “cash bombed” local servers and random workers. Sherri B. and I sat down and had the conversation about the hard work we put forth and what we would do with our bonus money in front of my daughter, to include her in the decision and get her thoughts on who might need a little extra this holiday season. As a result, a friend in her daycare got extra clothes for Christmas and Olivia was reminded how fortunate we are and how important it is to be generous. We also sponsored a family for Christmas through Capital High.
  2. Neighborhood Housing ServicesRake up Boise and Paint the Town are the pride and joy of this organization that does so much for so many. Other services include pre-foreclosure help, lending and providing affordable housing for refugees. They seek advocates, donors and volunteers.
  3. Local food, farms and gardens! - That’s why we support Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), and the Jordan Street Garden. BUGS is a comprehensive, youth organic gardening and educational organization, while the Jordan Street Garden is an urban refugee garden bridging cultural barriers in North Boise.

    We love bikes! - That’s why we support the Boise Bicycle Project, a community-oriented organization promoting the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling.

  5. Mmmmm… fresh baked goods… - That’s why we jumped at the chance to support 14-year old Isabelle when she decided to turn her baking passion into a local business. Just Baked Boise is our favorite destination for fresh breads, treats and gifts!
  6. Music and dance make the world go ‘round! - That’s why we support Radio Boise and Dance Unlimited’s competitive dance team. You can tune in to Radio Boise online or at 89.9 FM, and everyone from toddlers to adults can get their dance on at Dance Unlimited. Hip Hop, ballet, tap, jazz…there’s something for everyone.

Boise Urban Garden School summer vegetable stand.

Learn more about the organizations/businesses you are supporting by supporting us:

We are proud to promote paying it forward to individuals living their passions. Whether it’s $25 or $1,000, when we learn of a need we dip into our pockets and do our best to rally like-minded people around us. Nothing gets us more excited than helping a great project start from scratch or continue to grow and thrive.

We will continue to support businesses and organizations like these in 2014. Whether you support these businesses/organizations or your own personal favorites, we thank you for fostering our local community. We also thank you for your business, which has allowed us to do the same.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and generous 2014!

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Neighborhood Associations – Bringing out the Good

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Neighborhood Associations – Bringing out the Good

Healthy, vibrant, downtown neighborhoods, like the ones I love in Boise, are fostered most by the participation of the people.Did you know that active Neighborhood Associations are boosting Boise’s bragging rights in neighborhood safety, beauty and social activity?

Neighborhood Associations are a group of volunteer home and business owners who represent their neighborhood. They work together to create changes and improvements through grants and individual efforts.

In contrast to Homeowners Associations in subdivisions, which usually have dues, neighborhood associations don’t have dues, legal authority, enforce rules and regulations or focus on building restrictions.

Neighborhood Associations utilize grants, such as the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants Program through the City of Boise to fund projects like these:

  • Borah Park Community Garden – Borah Neighborhood 
  • Identity Signage at Beacon St. and Boise Ave.- Southeast Neighborhood 
  • Accessible Dock at Quinn’s Pond – Veteran’s Park Neighborhood

Not shown, but coming soon: sunshine, swimmers and soakers on the Quinns Pond docks.Reuse with permission citing Fosterboise.com

  • Public Art at Catalpa Park – Collister Neighborhood 
  • 15th Street Traffic Calming Islands – North End Neighborhood 

15th Street Traffic Island. Reuse with permission citing Fosterboise.com

  • Jordan Street Garden Grant- Veteran’s Park Neighborhood
“The program funds comprehensive neighborhood plans and capital construction projects to help enrich the lives of our citizens, enhance the identity and quality of life in our neighborhoods and encourage a strong sense of community.”

Major work on 30th Street Extension in progress South of State Street as of 4/19/2013. Reuse with permission citing Fosterboise.com

An example of a very active Neighborhood Association that is near and dear to my heart is the Veteran’s Park Neighborhood Association (VPNA), which was formed in 1988 “to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Veteran’s Park area.” Just a few of their goals include: Make sure new neighborhood projects help increase property values and improve quality of life; be the voice of neighbors and residents during planning processes; and make sure that traffic doesn’t deteriorate the neighborhood.

The VPNA is just west of downtown and covers Veteran’s Memorial Park, with the Boise River and Greenbelt along its southern border. This area is home to the ACHD’s new 30th Street extension project (now in progress), as well as the new Esther Simplot Park and Boise River Recreation Park – and the VPNA is actively involved in their planning to ensure that they are done in a manner beneficial to the neighborhood.

Enough about my hood – want to foster your neighborhood? Check into your Neighborhood Association!

The City of Boise provides a list of all registered Neighborhood Associations with contact information and websites.

To learn more about neighborhood planning and the Reinvestment Grant Program go to: http://pds.cityofboise.org/planning/comp/neighborhood/

And to learn more about the exciting things happening with the Veteran’s Park Neighborhood Association go to: http://www.vpnaboise.org/



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Storytime with Shana Foster Moore

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Who’s Your Farmer

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It’s Growing Season

Who’s Your Farmer?

The sun is shining and spring is in the air – and that means it’s time to sign up for your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). What’s a CSA? It’s an opportunity to foster your community, support local farmers and the economy, and get a weekly supply of fresh, healthy and seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. As a member, you pay up front for a weekly supply of fresh produce through late spring, summer and early fall.


Photo courtesy of www.FieldGoodsFarm.com

Why join a CSA? For my company, myself, and my family, it is all about keeping it local – I want to eat food grown as organic and local as possible. It’s good for the local economy as well as our health. My daughter loves the fresh fruits and vegetables and visiting the local farms to see where our food comes from or to “help” harvest (and eat) ground cherries.

There are several CSAs in the Boise area, and each one offers a variety of reasons to enjoy and support. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the one that’s best for you:


  • Convenience is important – some CSAs will deliver right to your home or place of work.
  • Location – make sure that their pick up locations and schedule are convenient.
  • Meet the farmers – getting to know who is growing your food is half the fun! And they will love to show you around the farm.
  • To share your share . . . or not? CSAs may offer a full share, a half share, or a workforce share (where you do some of the work for a discount on your share). Find the one that fits with your eating habits, or go in on a full share with your friends or family.

I’ve sampled many of the local CSAs to learn what each of them has to offer and find the one that works best for my family. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Field Goods Farm recently sprung up on Boise’s East Bench, adding to the array of Boise’s best local, urban farms. Pick up your produce at the farm on Monday and Tuesday evenings, or get it delivered for a small fee.

Lori Bevan of Field Goods Farm with freshly picked carrots

Earthly Delights Farm is a small-scale, human-powered farm in Northwest Boise run by Casey O’Leary. Pedal power! Produce delivery by bicycle is available in Boise’s North and N/W neighborhoods for a small fee.

Photo courtesy of, and for sale alongside seeds and other novelties on EarthlyDelightsFarm.com

The Global Gardens CSA is made up of a cooperative of refugee growers, and includes food from several different refugee farms, including cooperative groups and individual refugees who are starting up their own businesses. CSA pickup is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the community garden on 30th and Jordan Streets. You may even find me there volunteering.

Whichever CSA you choose, you will be fostering your community, the environment and your health. Enjoy! 


Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional



Bogus Basin Blog

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Bogus Basin – Have You Dropped In?

Olivia and Shana at Bogus Basin. Reuse with permission by citing www.fosterboise.com

The anticipation grows as we drive up the winding road. A fun-filled ski day is ahead of us! My four-year-old daughter, Olivia, can hardly wait to get her skis on and head over for her group lesson. Right now Olivia’s favorite quote is, “Let’s drop in and rip out.” I’m not sure if that came from her ski instructor or her dad, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that she loves it! And for that, I credit Bogus Basin and their excellent instructors and family-friendly environment.

Bogus Basin is our wonderful local ski area located just 16 miles from Boise (although the winding road makes it seem quite a bit longer). Their inexpensive season passes, passport program, tubing hill, variety of ski lessons and varied terrain provide opportunities for a winter full of family fun. On days when the Treasure Valley is socked in by a grey inversion, Bogus Basin provides a sunny escape and fresh air.


Shana, Olivia and Travis. Reuse with permission by citing www.fosterboise.com

Skiing at Bogus Basin is “all about having a great time while learning a life-long sport. Bogus Basin offers session lessons that create great opportunities to learn, make friendships, and have FUN!” according to BogusBasin.org. They certainly live up to that mantra by providing affordable ski lessons for every age group and skill level. Their instructors are great at working with kids, keeping them motivated, and making sure they’re having fun. And, while Olivia is enjoying her lessons, my husband and I get to “drop in and rip out” on the back side. When her ski lessons are over, Olivia shows us what she learned. She’s going to be better than us soon!

Little ski boots on the mantle at Bogus’ condos. Reuse with permission by citing www.fosterboise.com

We are so lucky to have this family and kid-friendly, non-profit ski area nearby, and they further foster the local community with special programs for school-age groups, such as SnowSchool, the Life Sports program and the School Night program. The dinner sleigh ride also is a frosty but marvelous dinner date adventure (BYOBlanket and reserve early) http://www.boguscreek.com/.

Never been to Bogus? I urge you to take advantage of this treasured community asset – there’s something there for everyone! For more information about Bogus Basin and all of its programs, go to their website at http://www.bogusbasin.org/

Thank you for supporting me, and our wonderful community.




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A Real Estate Story

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I love to help people start the next chapter of their story with the perfect home.  You may start your home search right here at www.FosterBoise.com (top left corner) or send me an email at ShanaFosterMoore@gmail.com, if you would like to know why this is is the perfect time to sell, or buy your next home.

Thanks for reading,


Shana Foster Moore, 
Your Local, Boise Real Estate Professional

The Jordan Street Garden: Growing Home For The Community

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Welcome to the first edition of the Foster Boise Blog! Why Foster Boise? Well, because my middle name is Foster, and I am passionate about fostering my community, helping others. So this blog will include news on what is happening around Boise to foster local communities, making Boise such a great place to live. Other articles will include “Know Your Market” updates that provide the stats and the data on the local Boise Real Estate Market (my professional passion). All are housed on FosterBoise.com, so subscribe to our fun and informative emails or check in often.

The Jordan Street Garden
Growing Home For The Community

Home is always a great place to start. The Jordan Street Garden in North Boise is very near mine. What began with an offer to use the long-vacant land by a local landowner grew with the participation and hard work of numerous refugee families from the nearby apartment complex. Now in its fourth year, this community garden has grown annually, with more and more families contributing.

I was lucky to become involved in this project from the very beginning, when I was the head of the local neighborhood association. The landowner contacted me to see if we would be interested in the lot for a community garden and I caught the vision. Going door to door, I found interest from the many refugee families in the nearby Davis Park Apartments. With generous contributions from the local community and businesses, the Jordan Street Garden was born! Indeed, the land, irrigation, compost, tillers, a portion of the vegetable plants, and several gardening tools were all donated, demonstrating Boise’s giving spirit!

Today, the garden provides food for families from Bhutan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Somalia and Bosnia, each of whom works their own plot. We also started a volunteer garden this year – volunteers from the community reap the benefits of the produce, with any leftovers going to the Idaho Foodbank.

What was once a weed-ridden vacant lot has been turned into a beautiful and fruitful place that has improved the neighborhood, increased property values, and provided educational opportunities.

We’ve learned about gardening customs from different countries, and created a place for people in the community to bridge cultural barriers and meet each other. Did you know pumpkin leaves are a delicacy in some places? That said, I’ve never actually seen anybody eat them ;) .

I am grateful that my job as a real estate agent enables me to contribute to, and participate in, this amazing project. The Jordan Street Garden falls under the umbrella of Global Gardens, a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees, and is always in need of donations and volunteers http://www.idahorefugees.org/Home/Global_Gardens/. If you are interested, please email jordanstreetgarden@gmail.com. To learn more, go to the Global Gardens website. And please follow the Jordan Street Garden on Facebook and Twitter @JordanStGarden.

Thank you for reading!

Shana Foster Moore,
Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional