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Man Cave vs Woman Cave

Creating your dream home – or at least a small slice of it, involves creating your own personal space. Whether you’re staking claims on a room in a new home or carving out space in your existing home, neither man caves nor woman caves should be forgotten.

What’s in a cave? Stock it with everything you may crave for some quality YOU time and call that special space yours. More importantly (or at least humorously)what’s the difference between his and hers? Our house provides a first-hand glimpse into the answer.

Man Cave Vs Woman. . . what? Alcove? Craft room? Nook? Ladies – we need a name for our space! My newly transformed space has been dubbed the “wine deck” by a few close friends. Our home also comes complete with a man cave (garage and work shop). Here’s a comparison of the two:

Man Cave

Beverages – Whether you’d choose a bar or kegerator, sir, I’d bet beer is the most common spirit in this joint. We have a tapped full-size fridge, topped with frosty mugs in the freezer.

Entertainment – Music, carpentry and games (ping pong table, pool, Rock Band and the occasional Chinese star throwing).

Work bench – For pretending to work while hanging out with the boys, or tricking the boys into helping work while pretending just to hang out and drink beer.

Power – For power tools, music TV and any neon bar light decorations.

No power required – Pulley systems, wheels and possible peg boards help keep the organization rolling.

Fuel – Gasoline for the many contents that run on gas.

Decorations – Beer signs, poster, college or sports paraphernalia or clean lines/modern metal/Scandinavia Today style. Anything cool or anything deemed “not cool” by your female counterpart. Weaponry welcome. Seating likely on bar stools or anywhere really (atop the work bench, on the cooler, whatever).

Function – Before fashion.

Not found here – Chick flicks. You may visit her “wine deck” for that one.

Woman Cave

Beverages – Top choices may include wine rack, mini fridge for beers or Champaign and sparkling water.

Entertainment – Conversation, good decorations and snacks.

Work bench – not really. A craft table for hobbies might work here.

Power – For mood lighting, music and waterscapes

No power required – For candles.

Fuel – Good friends, good times.

Decorations – Match. Tactile textures are considered. Comfortable/community seating is a must. A table is in top contention. Practicality is optional (but likely unforgettable).

Fashion – And function. With a few sprinkles of “just because” or “couldn’t resist.”

Not found here – Calendars containing scantily dressed women – you may step over to the garage/workshop for that one.

Whatever kind of cave you might crave, you may not need a new home to find it! I just revitalized some unused space in our home for mine. That said, if you are ready to move onward and upward to your dream home, let me know and I’ll help you sell the one you have and find the perfect alcove to call your own.


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