Home Selling Secrets

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Home Selling Secrets
For Boise’s Current Market Mentality 

Market mentality is as much a part of “staying informed” as the data-backed market trends I provide monthly-ish. The mindset of realtors and buyers serves as an indicator for sellers. It also highlights opportunities and threats.
That said, the home-selling strategies I’m about to share are legit. They will give sellers an advantage in any market, not just this one. But first, the mentality of Boise today.

Four Buyer Mentalities
Significant to Sellers:

1.  If it has been on the market too long, it’s not an amazing property (because of that inventory issue).
2.  If it is an amazing property, I suspect it may capture other hearts too.
3.  Full price is my best option on a new listing I love.
4.  If it has been on the market for a couple weeks, I probably won’t like it. If I do like it and it’s still on the market, I’m going to more carefully consider the price.

Strong Strategies for Selling

# 1- Know your local Boise market! If you’re reading this you get an A+ already. This includes the prices, inventory, data trends and market mentality.

#2 : Prepare for the parade – This is good form in any market, but is especially important given the market’s mindset that the good properties sell fast due to low inventory.

You’ve probably heard something like this from me:

The full parade of buyers only marches by once. Your home flashes is seen by everyone who’s watching the market on the day it goes live. Once that moment, and “the parade” passes, your primary audience shifts toward a much smaller group of people who are trickling in to watch the market. That’s why the initial listing is your best time to capture attention. It’s your parade and moment to shine in the spotlight. I’ve always put strong effort here and been baffled by listings that present without images.

#3 – Small improvements make a big difference – Don’t hesitate to ask me which of these popular details could have the greatest return for your unique home:

#4 Highlight the upside of the downsides too (not just the best features). Of course we’ll highlight the bests, drawing out the points of pride. Instead of ignoring the “worsts,” (which will absolutely be noticed), I recommend ensuring the strengths that accompany each weakness are seen and considered.

How to apply these selling strategies, and which ones will be most effective for your home is completely unique.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me long before you’re serious about selling – six months to one year. It’s ideal to have extra time to consider your home’s possibilities.


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