Interest Rates and NHS

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Interest Rates

Interest rates affect our buying power! They don’t change fast or dramatically, but they have been absolutely great and they really only have one way to go from here. As you read in my recent market trends update blog, the Fed has announced changes forthcoming in October that are expected to increase interest rates.

If you would like to calculate your payment (principal and interest), plug this formula into Excel and adjust 4.3% to the actual interest rate you’ll receive.


Don’t forget to add a monthly taxes and insurance amount for your true payment. I also recommend setting aside some home maintenance reserves!

Interest rates are a hair higher as of September 15, 2014, from Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU)

Interest Rates from Idaho Central Credit Union
July 23, 2014 Rates from Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU)






















If you’d like to inquire into the rates posted above, or get pre-approved to buy a home, I would recommend contacting Dave Rusk at Idaho Central Credit Union.

Try NHS. Neighborhood Housing Services

If you have not been able to get approved to buy a home, there are some unique programs available through NHS Neighborhood Housing Services that helps renters turn to owners. NHS also helps people refinance to prevent foreclosure. Find them on Facebook at

In addition to foreclosure prevention and lending, NHS brings us Paint the Town and Rake up Boise each year. Their focus is housing related, and includes affordable home building and creating sustainable housing options for under-served populations. This newly constructed home in Garden City is one of theirs

I find NHS to be an organization that truly helps Foster Boise. I support their endeavors, sit on their board and would be happy to introduce you them through one of their free lunch “Home Matter Tours.” NHS is always seeking volunteers for their fun, community-focused events and supporters and I’m happy to connect you.


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