Listomania: Boise Tops the Charts (Again)

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Our Secret is Out

Boise has often been referred to as one of the nation’s best-kept secrets, whether it comes to its affordable housing, outdoor recreation opportunities, or burgeoning tech startup community.

But it looks like our little secret’s out.

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The City of Trees continues to appear at the top of “Best Places” lists: it was recently named the best place to move in 2014 and ranked in Livability’s 100 Best Places to Live list. I’m not one bit surprised, either.

When compared to cities of similar size, Boise may not seem out of the ordinary. What is unique, however, is that it really does have something for everyone, whatever their interests or stage in life. Whether it’s to raise a family, start a business, or retire; people—young and old— move here knowing that the Boise lifestyle is where it’s at.


A healthy economy is a city’s lifeblood; the speed and sustainability of its growth depend upon it. And affordability plays a huge role in whether newcomers (not to mention long-time residents) stay or go. Luckily for those desiring affordable housing and a manageable cost of living—especially for retirees, Boise is as attractive as ever. Here’s how we rank:

Recently, I’ve seen theses lists come alive in my work and personal life. I’ve added several new retirees to my favorite clients roster and also recruited my own retired mother to move to Boise part time, through a second home. She loves the foothills, but it’s the proximity to her Granddaughter and I that really sealed the deal.

Business and Technology

When it comes to the startup tech scene, survey says: Boise is hot, hot, hot. We were recently ranked the number one best “Under the Radar Tech Hub.” Further still, small businesses in general fare well here, as noted by the following sources:

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Culture and Recreation

In addition to being featured in National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine, Boise (and Idaho at large) continues to shine, thanks to an abundance of outdoor travel and recreation opportunities, as well as a growing arts and culture scene. Here’s how we ranked:

Quality of Life/Live-Work Balance

Time Magazine’s March 17th, 2014 edition ranks Boise as number one for “getting it right” in their recent story Red-Hot Town. The article cites the City of Trees as “a techy boomtown with a thriving cultural scene.” I can’t agree more. Here are additional kudos Boise has received for its stellar quality of life:

I love this city for so many reasons, many of which can’t be quantified by a series of lists (although there are plenty more). We are just minutes from the river, an ever-expanding foothills trail system, community gardens, outdoor markets, and a thriving downtown scene, complete with food truck rallies and pop-up shops. And that’s just the beginning. Check out my Bucket List for 20 things all Boiseans should try at least once.


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