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Now that we’ve addressed that the true first step is getting a pre-approval letter and that interest makes it a favorable time to buy or sell, now is the time to start watching for your next house to hit the market.

Do you have the right set of keys to unlock the metaphorical gate between you and your new home?

New Home Know-How” tips can help you break through the obstacles between you and your new home such as low inventory, uncertainty about the market and making one decision at a time, to reduces stress.

1. First, you have to find it.

Inventory is low and looking can take time, but your home will appear if we both watch for it. I recommend signing up for my Real-Time auto MLS emails (they’re free), so you have a chance to see it as soon as it hits the market.

I automate these based on preferences such as price, location or size, so you can keep up with the market and comparison shop from your desk.

You may start to notice trends first hand and truly KNOW your local Boise real estate market. Even if you don’t notice them, I will be watching the same homes you see, and can point out the trends or the deals for you.

2. Second, you have to make a move.

In a low-inventory market, there’s no reason to put off getting in, checking it out and seeing if it’s worthy of an offer. I’m most pleased when my clients are among the first to step into a new listing because it can increase their chances of being the first to tie it up in an offer.

3. Third comes a contingency.

We’ll make your offer contingent upon an inspection and appraisal. If you want it, but it turns out NOT to be worthy of purchase, we can exercise either of those two contingencies in your offer to get you out of it. This can alleviate fears over buying a “bad deal.”


I recommend starting to watch the auto MLS emails up to six months before you plan to buy, as part of the local market education process. If there are too many homes coming through, narrow your specifications. Too few- broaden them or review your timeframe expectations.

Copy of an auto MLS e-mail.

There’s really no better way to boost your understanding of the market using real-time data. Often times, this also serves as the start to a long and wonderful relationship with clients and their referrals. If you know someone who may benefit from this mailing, let them know that it’s one easy email away.

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