Monthly Facts & Boise Market Trends

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Monthly Market Trends & Facts

“When is the most popular time to buy or sell a home in Boise?”

Spring. It’s also a very popular time for rental turnovers and moving in general.

That said, we’re still getting into things right now.  It’s a fairly competitive market – there may be five buyers for every property. This creates the need for a little more buyer patience and extra negotiation skills on my part (including looking at ways to create a strong offer, which is not limited to price). When we receive multiple offers on one of our listings, I weigh things like the financing, lender (are they consistently getting the job done), close date and contingencies or lack thereof.

We’re also still a little “pre-season” in terms of inventory, but that should turn around. As ACAR puts it, “we had a very slight increase with months of inventory available 3.8 months of inventory in February. As we head toward spring and summer, we could use an increase in inventory.”

Market trends infographic



I’m seeing the good inventory selling quickly. Sellers are bringing their “A game” to the market. When a house is priced well and looks good, it’s resulting in multiple offers right now.

Traditionally, February would be the weakest month for home prices, however it was quite strong this year according to ACAR’s most recent data. “This could indicate a strong spring and summer to follow,” reports ACAR.

Home sales are up – existing home sales are up at a higher rate than new home sales, although there is building activity budding in Boise, so it will be interesting to watch the market trends among new homes in Boise.

In terms of what else is up, down and level in Boise, here’s your monthly market trend indicators update:

Housing Market Trends & Indicators:


Upward Market TrendsTrending Up

  • 507 Homes sold in February 2015 (up 10% compared to last February)
  • $224,900 Median home price  (up 10% from last February)
  • $196,750 Existing home price (up 11.25% from last year)
  • $305,000 New home price (down 1.45% from last year)

Arrown indicating downward market trends in Boise's housing marketTrending Down

  • 67 Days on market (down 3 days from last month)
  • $305,000 – new home median price (down 1.45% from last year)

Static Boise real estate market trendsStatic Trends

  • 3.8 months inventory – the increase was so slight, with the need still apparent, that I’m putting inventory in this “static” column

Thanks for reading and for considering me your real estate resource for buying and selling homes. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re considering selling and would like help pricing or preparing.


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho

Shana Foster Moore,

Your Real Estate Market Trends Resource

Get Happy! 10 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” –Oscar Wilde

Did you know March 20th, 2015 has been designated the International Day of Happiness by the U.N.?

The organization recognizes that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal” and invites international and regional organizations and individuals to observe the day “through education and public awareness-raising activities”.

And what’s the best way to get happy than to engage in acts of service for others? In fact, last month, people from all over the world observed International Random Acts of Kindness Week. This celebration got me thinking: why can’t we engage in simple acts of kindness all year round? Here are ten ways to get started in making the world—and our local community—a better place:

Start close to home. Say “I love you,” give someone you care about an extra hug or share simple praise. Today, is a great day to call someone out for something good (whatever day it may be and whatever the compliment may be).

Smile. Even something that seems as simple as smiling at a stranger can actually significantly brighten a person’s day. A recent study found that seeing one child’s smile provided the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars.

Donate. Your local shelters, non-profits, and animal rescue organizations will appreciate your unwanted or unused clothes and household goods.

Give the gift of food. Make a plan to enjoy a meal with someone new who may appreciate the gesture. Consider inviting the neighborly widow over for a family dinner, or bring a meal to a new parent, or a friend who may be recovering from surgery.

Reach out. Send a positive message or handwritten note to someone who may be in need. Think: acquaintances recovering from an illness, loss, or depression.

Pay it forward. Begin an act of kindness chain at Starbucks, by purchasing the coffee for the next person in line.

Get acquainted. Try to learn the names of your coworkers or those who may work in your building. If you already know everyone, spend a few minutes each week getting to know one person better.

Help a neighbor. If you know of someone living nearby who might need extra help around the house (an elderly widow, a single mom, etc.), offer to lend a hand with household chores. Or, offer to shovel their walk when it snows or rake up leaves during autumn months.

Volunteer. Think of a local non-profit that could benefit from a few hours of your time. Consider coaching a youth sports team, helping out at a community garden, or preparing a meal at the local soup kitchen.

Keep it up. Most of the time, doing kind things for others and spreading joy means remaining aware of your surroundings and how you might help others. Did you know you can even join an Action for Happiness movement? Download your free “Happiness Pack”, and you can start making even more of a difference.

It has been a couple years since “the girls” and I read the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and tackled some of the to-dos it offered. We started with a weekend getaway in Loman and may have been more ambitious than practical in promising that we’d cook more, drink less, get organized, exercise and most ambitiously stick with 12 months of happiness resolutions. That said, it was a good idea that helped me shape my definition of happiness, and reminded me to forgive my over ambitions. “Forgive failure” Rubin advised right near the start. Thank goodness for that good advice it came in handy when we “completed” the “12-month” project in several months. :)

Happy warm fuzzies to you, my dear clients and friends,

Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho



Shana Foster Moore

your Boise real estate resource

Great Home For Sale! 3228 W Agate Court

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Good Living on Boise’s Bench!

For Sale: 3228 W Agate Court

Image of a house for sale in Boise on "the bench"

Great option for multi-generational living in the Depot Bench on quiet culdesac, 2 master bedrooms & living areas, separated by common main level! One master is UP, adjacent to large rec room w/ full kitchen, + one in basement akin to 2 other bedrooms that share their own full bath. Count the fireplaces: 3 gas inserts, & one wood-burner in the UP master! Updated kitchen with solid surface Corian countertops, maple cabinets, built-in range, wall oven & micro. KitchenAid fridge w/cabinet-style doors. POOL!

More photos and details can be found at here, at

More houses for sale in Boise can be found by searching the MLS through the field on the left side of this web page, or by calling me with your preferences. I’ll set you up on a search with auto email notifications.



Unlocking Tax Tips for Homeowners

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Maximize Your Tax Deductions!

Who doesn’t love to save money when possible, or get hard-earned money back at the end of the year, as the case may be at tax time? This article is meant to help homeowners maximize their returns by offering tips worthy of talking through with an accountant or tax attorney. I’m neither an accountant nor equip to give tax advice, but here’s what I have learned . . .

Real estate write offs and tax deductions

Mortgage Interest Paid– Mortgage interest is deductible on first homes, second homes and even equity lines of credit (if and only if that equity line was indeed used to improve the home). $1 million loan limit applies plus $100 thousand limit for home equity debt).

For new homeowners, the mortgage interest tax break will be larger, since the ratio of interest to principal paid is heavier in the early years of a loan. See below.

Example scenario:

$112,000 Loan at 4.25% interest
Principal and interest payment: $550
Around $50 per month more goes toward principal in year 5 than in year 1 (that’s nearly 10% in this example).
$1,700 in principal was paid the first year and $2300 will be paid in the fifth year.


Taxes –Local and state taxes can be deducted on our Federal Taxes. If these are paid through escrow, keep in mind it’s only the actual disbursement that is deductible (not the amount pulled into your escrow account).

Home office deduction – This applies only to the square footage that is used specifically and only for business or business-related storage. Your home office can be your only office and cannot be combined with another office deduction outside of the home. My accountant has advised diligence in these details, as it’s an area the IRS could be inclined to watch more closely.

Selling costs – If you sold a home in the 2014, the selling costs can be deducted from the gain from sale.  Examples include repairs, title insurance, advertising expenses, real estate broker’s commissions, and inspection fees. Repairs need to have been made within 90 days of the sale and clearly for the intent of marketing the property.

Capital gains taxand the two out of five rule. If your home is your primary residence for two of the last five years, up to $500,000 in profit from the sale of a home may be tax-free (if married/filing jointly). A new purchase is NOT needed to claim this tax benefit! You can also claim certain repairs to reduce your capital gains on the sale, if  they were made within 90 days of the sale and clearly made for the intent of marketing the property.


Real Estate Caital Gains Tax Chart

Homeownership has tax advantages. Particularly if you’re selling a home you’ve lived in for 2 of the last five years. The next best scenario is to hold it for at least one year for long-term capital gains taxes.

Points – If you pay points on a loan, these are deductible as the IRS sees them as “prepaid mortgage interest.”

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is deductible.Moving Costs – If you had to find a new home because of a new job that is located more than 50 miles away from your old home, you may be able to deduct your reasonable moving expenses.

Casualty Losses – If losses are large enough (more than 10% of your income), the portion not covered by insurance could be a deduction. Documentation in the form of photos, videos or receipts can be key in times of loss, both for insurance and tax purposes.

Documentation reminder at tax time – Smart phones and tablets make it easier than ever to document the contents or condition of your home. This can help in times of loss.

The benefits of homeownership carry through to tax season. So do the benefits of having a good accountant on your side, who reminds you to track all of these deductions.  Hopefully, a good realtor also is a part of your household’s team and hopefully I have been, or will be that resource for you.

If you know anyone who is ready to sell their home, I would much rather work for them, than work on my taxes, so please, have them give me a call!


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho



Shana Foster Moore

Your Boise real estate resource


Boise Market Trends

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“How’s the real estate market right now? Is now a good time to sell?”
This may be one of the more common questions I address, and sharing market data and trends is the purpose of this blog entry, but it’s no substitute for a real conversation. It’s great to know the market but even better to discuss your specific buying and selling plans far enough in advance that we can put a strong plan in place to help make things go your way.

In reality, selling and buying plans are more often dictated by personal life experiences and less often by the status of the market. That said, sellers and potential sellers have a bit of an advantage right now. The laws of supply and demand may be in your favor, given a lower inventory currently on-hand. This makes for less competition.

As Buy-Boise Real Estate Group moves into its fifth year in business, we’re actively reaching out to sellers right now, both to accommodate our strong buyer pool and to put our strategic property selling steps into action.

Market Trend Infographic

This is a snapshot of Boise’s real estate market trends over the past month, compliments of Ada County Association of Realtors.

Housing Market Trends Update

 Upward Market TrendsUP Since 2014

  • Median home prices went up 8% since last year at this time- 13% for new homes and 4% for existing homes
  • Homes sold went up ever so slightly (1.67%) when compared to last January
  • Dollar volume of sales also went up 9% in Ada County since last year
  • Pending sales are up, at 867

Arrown indicating downward market trends in Boise's housing marketDOWN

  • Short sales and distressed properties continue to be down compared to last year and especially compared to the year prior
  • Inventory is a challenge right now
  • Interest rates are down a hair since last year at this time (mid-Feb), giving buyers more bang for their buck

Static Boise real estate market trendsSTATIC

  • At 70 days on market, we’re exactly where we were last year at this time and not far from where we were last month

Interest rates chart courtesy of

Moving is always a big decision and one of the biggest transactions you’ll make. I’m happy to sit down and answer questions even before that decision has officially been made. Sometimes, it’s nice to have time to afford a very small action list of prep work. For buyers, this may mean getting pre-approved or working on some credit remedies. For sellers it could mean identifying whether any home improvements or repairs will be needed to help you “prepare for the parade.”

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if we should get together and talk about your plans for home buying or selling.


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho

Shana Foster Moore,

Your resource for Boise market trends (and more)


14 Boise Foodie Destinations to Love

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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” –George Bernard Shaw

This Valentine’s Day, we felt it appropriate to share a little love with some of our favorite local restaurants, just in time to share a special meal with that special someone. This is by no means an exhaustive list (there are many places about which we’ve heard rave reviews and have yet to try!), but here are my top 14.

1) a’Tavola Gourmet Marketplace & Café.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and Saturday brunch, a’Tavola is a satisfying answer to the question, “Where can I find fresh and delicious locally made food?” Inspired by Chef Lisa Peterson’s 20-year culinary background, a’Tavola’s ever-changing food menu features daily-made salads, sandwiches, and soups.

What’s to love: the simplicity and joy of freshly prepared food, pastries fit for a queen.

2) Bar Gernika.

Boise is home to the world’s second largest Basque population, so it stands to reason that our city would also be the perfect place to find authentic Basque fare. For a lamb grinder and a bread pudding that will knock your socks off, look no further than Bar Gernika, located in Old Boise Historic District.

What’s to love: beef tongue Saturdays, croquetas, a diverse beer selection with rotating taps.

3) Bleubird.

While this Downtown Boise hotspot is open only for lunch, and only on weekdays, it’s quickly becoming a Boise foodie’s staple—and for good reason. Lines are often out the door, so arrive early to grab seating, or order to-go.

What’s to love: sandwiches made on the spot, vegetarian options, house-made sodas.

On any given weekday, Bleubird is abuzz with sandwich-making, soda-slinging activity.

4) Bittercreek Alehouse (and Red Feather Lounge).

A list of my favorite Boise haunts wouldn’t be complete without this dynamic duo. The sister restaurants complement one another well; the alehouse is perfect for a laidback dinner with friends, and the adjacent lounge is ideal for cocktail hour.

What’s to love: Bittercreek’s extensive beer selection and great American grub, Red Feather’s hip, inventive drink menu and cool vibe.

5) Boise International Market.

The City of Trees is stepping up its game in the way of offering authentic foods from cultures all over the world, thanks to the Boise International Market. From Ethiopian/Eritrean food from Kibrom’s Restaurant, Middle Eastern fare from The Goodness Land, or Colombian from El Cafetal, these restaurants (and more to come) are well worth the visit.

What’s to love: ethnic foods with flair, Kahve Coffee’s Turkish coffee, Joyful Tea’s hot beverages and crumpets.

The Goodness Land (located in the Boise International Market) offers up tasty Middle Eastern fare.

6) Chiang Mai.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots, and I’m happy to be considered a regular. Despite its strip mall location, Chiang Mai offers some of Boise’s best authentic Thai food.

What’s to love: somtum papaya salad, crab rangoons, great service.

7) The Dish.

Dining here is always a pleasure; it’s apparent that the chefs have put the utmost care into preparing foods that will delight their guests, whether it’s a brie burger and fries or grilled salmon with coconut sauce and jasmine rice.

What’s to love: an innovative menu, local ingredients, gluten free options, intimate space.

The Dish provides a dining experience for all five senses.

8) Dutch Goose.

A perfect weekend activity is a bike ride to ‘the Goose’, as locals affectionately call this Boise mainstay. Here you can hang out and dine in a traditional pub setting with the entire family or watch the game (and play one of your own) with friends.

What’s to love: fingersteaks, chicken strips, horseshoe pits, pool tables.

9) Highlands Hollow

This Northend brewhouse is one of my family’s favorites, with its great food, great beer, and great atmosphere. Highlands Hollow offers growler specials every Monday, and live, local music on Wednesdays.

What’s to love: happy hour daily from 3-6 p.m., The Avalanche burger, huge plates of fresh-cut fries.

10) Kind Cuisine Café

Boise’s new fast casual vegetarian restaurant offers locally sourced, made-to-order entrees with a variety of vegan, raw, and gluten-free options.

What’s to love: rotating art shows, live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, from music and dance to poetry.

11) The Lift Bar & Grill.

We fell in love with The Lift back when they offered $2 fish tacos and 50 cent cans of Olympia on Tuesdays. Although they’ve stopped running that particular special, the rest of the menu is pretty great, and weekend brunch means $3 mimosas and bloody marys.

What’s to love: 50 cent wings on Monday nights, $7 all-you-can-eat spaghetti on Thursday (just through the winter).

12) Reel Foods Fish Market & Oyster Bar

Despite being the land-locked city it is, Boise still has access to some of the freshest seafood in the Northwest. It’s because of this availability I’ve been able to share my love of seafood with my young daughter (imagine my surprise at learning a 5 year old really likes clams!).

What’s to love: new lunch menu and oyster bar, fresh-made sushi, frequent cooking classes.

With its new oyster bar and lunch menu, Reel Foods is worth a visit.

13) Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Even the walk up to this food-truck-turned-restaurant makes an immediate impression, since meat is almost always smoking out front (and it always smells amazing). The menu changes frequently, but SLG’s brisket and pulled pork are standby items that make an appreciated appearance in several food items.

What’s to love: Saturday brunch (free glass of sangria when you bring your Capital City Public Market purchase), lunch buddy beer specials, poutine.

Smoked meats make a frequent appearance on Saint Lawrence Gridiron’s innovative menu.

14) Viking Drive-In.

I’d be remiss not to include this neighborhood burger joint, since it’s in the family, and they really do serve some of the most amazing milkshakes this side of the Boise River (along with burgers with flavor!).

What’s to love: the Eric 2 with grilled onions (yes, this is a burger), chocolate milkshakes, scotch and sodas.

Wherever you dine this holiday, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho

Shana Foster Moore

2014 Market Trends Report

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Was 2014 a good year for homeowners?

“What happened in real estate in 2014 and what can we expect in 2015?”

This time of year, we’re answering questions about the real estate market from a wider perspective, that looks beyond the current month-to-month stats and examines the overall market trends in Boise and the nation. In short, 2014 was a good year for homeowners.

In fact, 2014 was the third year in a row that I’ve had the pleasure of communicating good news about pricing and equity for homeowners. This has enabled owners the freedom to move around a bit. The average price was up about 6% this year, 17% last year and 13% the year before that.

This comes amidst other good news statistics, as well as ongoing and interesting reactions to the Great Recession. For one, there are more renters and fewer homeowners. Data suggests a seeming tentativity to enter home-ownership, despite low interest rates, recent government incentives and an overall upward trend in pricing.

To illustrate 2014 in terms of real estate housing market trends, and divulge what to expect in 2015 we’ve pulled the data below from the 2015 Idaho Real Estate Summit hosted by the Ada County Association of Realtors, and of course, our own client experiences.

Boise’s housing market was not far from the national housing market trends, which are show in this slide from the 2015 Idaho Real Estate Summit. Source: Ada County Association of Realtors.


Jobs have the biggest impact on any local real estate market, including the housing market here in Boise. Job growth trends in Boise have been favorable, mirroring the national trends, according to Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Research at the National Association of Realtors.

Household net worth also is at an all-time high, reports Yun. Homeowner households tend to be 31-46 times the net worth of renter households, however our rate of homeownership is decreasing. When asked to make forecasts, Yun obliges – his predictions are below the job growth chart.

What’s next in 2015

Lawrence Yun suggests we’ll see:

  • More jobs, as well as a slightly increasing job-quitting rate
  • Manageable mortgage rates, increasing slowly and reaching 6% by 2016
  • Population growth and a pent-up demand for housing
  • Record high household wealth
  • More starts, sales, growth in prices, and transitional/erratic lending policies which should return to “normal” by 2016
  • Improving business opportunities in the commercial sector

On a more immediate and local scale, we’ve seen a winter slowdown following the previous period of rising home prices. Inventory requires patience from our buyers (us too, but it’s my job to be patient). We’re reaching out to sellers, in part because we need some inventory to present to our buyers.

Housing Market Trend Update

 UPUpward Market Trends

  • Sales in 2014 were up in all price points above $160,000, when compared to the previous year
  • Median home prices have been on the rise in Ada County over the past year
  • Jobs are the biggest factor influencing the housing market and jobs in Boise, and the nation have been on the rise
  • Renter households also are on the rise nationwide
  • Existing home sales
  • Boise area housing permits

    Boise real estate price charts

    Source: Ada County Association of Realtors, as presented at the 2015 Idaho Real Estate Summit


Arrown indicating downward market trends in Boise's housing marketDOWN

  • Sales in 2014 were down in all price points below 160,000, when compared the the year prior
  • Now, and at the end of 2014, inventory has been down. This can be typical this time of year.
  • Homeowner households and the overall rate of home-ownership decreased alongside an increase in renter households


Static Boise real estate market trendsSTATIC

  • There is pent up demand for homes priced below $160,000 – this is a trend that first started being noticed back in 2006.
  • America’s Gross Domestic Product has been low – below 3% for nine years now. This was among the market indicators Lawrence Yun pointed out at the 2015 Idaho Real Estate Summit.

Thanks for reading. All that data leaves me ready for a break to go skiing! I’d recommend you do the same – it’s a beautiful time of year to take off for a spontaneous Bogus Basin visit. If you’re hungry for more market info, or an analysis of how these market trends are affecting your home’s value, please don’t hesitate to give me a call!


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho



Shana Foster Moore,

Your resource for Boise market trends (and more)





A Year of Giving Ends; A 5-Year Anniversary Celebration Begins

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“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” -Clarence Odbody, It’s a Wonderful Life

This quote from the 1946 classic film perfectly summarizes why we believe even little things add up, especially when it comes to helping to foster a better Boise.

That was part of the inspiration behind Buy-Boise’s sponsorship of It’s a Wonderful Life, during the final Boise Classic Movies event of 2014. In case you missed it, you may click to view our Christmas announcement and end-of-year video.

And, in true George Bailey form, when we reflect upon 2014, I can’t help but think it was Buy-Boise’s best year yet. It feels good that nearly all of my business came from referrals. I value those connections and return client interaction.

Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that the spirit of holiday giving lasted the entire year, at Boise’s fully women- owned and operated independent real estate brokerage. At Buy Boise Real Estate Group, we put time, energy and nearly ALL of the company’s profits right back into the community in 2014, to support organizations that make Boise a better place to live.

2014: A Year of Giving

Buy-Boise Real Estate Group, with support from loyal clients, allocated nearly all their profits to support the following organizations:

  • Silver Sage Girl Scouts (cookies for clients!)
  • Ada County Sheriff’s Association event to support relationships between police and at-risk youth
  • Highlands Elementary Parent-Teacher Association
  • BUGS (Boise Urban Garden School)
  • The Boise Bike Project (BBP), in memoriam of fallen firefighter Mark Urban, and to support their permanent building fund
  • Kinderhaven – North Idaho’s community organization dedicated to supporting children in crisis, so that they may restore a feeling of safety and well-being in their lives
  • Community Cancer Center in Sandpoint, Idaho, dedicated to supporting people who receive a cancer diagnosis
  • A sponsorship of one year of shelter for a person in need at Interfaith Sanctuary

These philanthropic activities are just a few of the reasons why I feel proud to be a part of this dynamic, big-hearted, and generous team.

“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” -Pa Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life

Celebrations to Follow in 2015

If 2014 is any indication of what’s in store for this year, we believe good things are ahead.

It’s Buy-Boise Real Estate Group’s five-year anniversary! That is a milestone anniversary indicating that a small business has beaten the statistics. We’ll also be paying extra attention to working with sellers at Buy-Boise Real Estate Group. If you’re in the market to sell a home, ask me (or any of my buyers) why now is the perfect time to move forward.

Call for sellers and future sellers – it’s your year!

Let’s talk now and plan ahead if needed. If you’re not already signed up to receive my email updates, I invite you to contact us and I’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date on all the latest real estate happenings in Boise as well as:

  • Market trends
  • Tips and insights for sellers and buyers
  • Community updates
  • Story Time

If you’re not familiar with Story Time, here is a sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing: one-of-a kind buyer and seller stories that illustrate the home buying and selling process in a fun and unique way.

Looking forward, we expect 2015 to be not only a 5-year celebration, but also another year of community involvement, local thinking and successful buyers/seller introductions. After all, we believe fostering a better Boise really does make for a wonderful life!

We invite you to join us on the journey.


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho

Shana Foster Moore


Merry Christmas

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you to all of you who joined us at the Egyptian Theater on December 16th, to join us in watching the holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It is indeed a wonderful life and I’m so glad you’re a part of it.

Before the movie, Buy-Boise’s first video played on the silver screen for a packed house, as part of our sponsorship of this warm and fun annual event. We received great feedback on our giveaways and goodies, but also some surprise at all that we’ve done to support and foster the community in 2014. This sounds like the making of a future blog topic to recap of 2014, but for now, here’s a replay of Buy-Boise’s first video.

Thank you for supporting us this year, and helping fuel the support we’ve returned to your community. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho

My Favorite Places in Boise

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Eight Reasons I love Boise, Idaho

Evidenced in part by the pride people take in living in Boise, Idaho, this place has a lot to offer. The reasons for loving Idaho and being a Boisean are many, but today I’m sharing a few of mine.

The Foothills & Camel’s Back Park is one of my favorites. My daughter’s too – she had her birthday party at the picnic area near the park. I also appreciate  its proximity to the open spaces and foothills and trails that connect us to Bogus Basin, and beyond. Right now, the city is accepting commentary on your preferences for these lands, which it controls.

Local Food & Coffee.  True foodies might disagree with me here, especially when comparing Boise to the larger and more culinary cunning cities or the coffee culture of Portland and Seattle . . . and they have a point. We don’t have pizza like Chicago,  the ethnic diversity of New York or the beans of Portland. That said our city has a strong commitment to supporting local restaurants, particularly those who in turn support our local farmers, growers and ranchers with conscientious practices.
See my blog on my favorite restaurants to compare tastes, or comment on it to share yours!

Rivers.  The Boise River is my favorite, due to its proximity to my house and kid-friendly flows, however the Payette River system offers world-class whitewater and rapids of all levels, and I can’t imagine a Boise without this resource.

Bicycle Culture. I love it that the bike you drive is more of a material status symbol than your car. Then again, in a city that prioritizes the most practical rigs, like pick-ups and Subarus, it’s way more difficult to differentiate yourself by vehicle alone.

Green Belt. Many cities have one and every city should. When you need to “Take a Walk,” it’s where to go.

Location The Northwest has so much to offer. Boise has long-weekend access to Portland, the Oregon coast, Seattle, Yellowstone, Montana, Sun Valley, Stanley, Jackson Hole, Utah, Tahoe, etc.

Ski Hills. With Bogus Basin being half an hour door-to-door from my house, it was hardly surprising to find myself with a kid in love with skiing since being in the front pouch at 6 months old. It’s fully feasible to go after work  in addition to weekends.  For a longer journey, Brundage Mountain in McCall has great skiing and Targhee in Driggs has epic conditions comparable to Utah.

The Number One Thing To Love About Boise, Idaho is . . . Hands down, the people are the best thing about this valley. They make eye contact and return smiles; drive less competitively than everywhere else; and have the friendly, laid-back inspirations of the rural life that surrounds and once was this area. They treat their dogs like family members and bring them along more often than not. I like to remind those who move here to take a look at the culture as it is and try to adapt to it, if it’s part of the reason they were drawn to this special place. (Even if the slower driving drives them crazy).

No RSVP Required. Whether you’ve moved to Boise to retire, work, recreate or escape, or if you are considering a move, don’t worry about the social graces of RSVPing to our city, or the first invitation you receive here. Just show up here, with your pets, and find yourself welcome. You may also want to note that we’ll probably do the same for any parties you may throw (fair warning- Boise is simply not an RSVPing city).

If you’d prefer to be welcomed to Boise, Idaho with a home to call your own, I can help with that. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or email and together we’ll find exactly what you need. When you’re ready for a second home McCall, let me know that too. We have a favorite agent there who we can refer you to.


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