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Buy-Boise and Foster Boise in 2014

Shop local!

The “Buy-Boise” and Foster Boise names stand for support, community and local thinking. It’s much more than helping our clients sell or buy the perfect home in the Treasure Valley. In the past year, we’ve fostered a few of the finer things that our local Boise community has to offer by shopping local; donating money, time and effort; supporting local businesses and non-profits; and eating local, and keeping the business revenue your home sales generate in the community.

Looking back on 2013, and Buy-Boise Real Estate Group’s fourth successful year as a team, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve been able to give back to our community. We believe that you, our friends, family and clients, feel the same way. So, here are a few of the local businesses and organizations that you have supported, by supporting us in 2013 (my best year to date!):

  1. Bombing Boise – We finally did it! This past holiday season, we set aside our “annual bonus” funds and “cash bombed” local servers and random workers. Sherri B. and I sat down and had the conversation about the hard work we put forth and what we would do with our bonus money in front of my daughter, to include her in the decision and get her thoughts on who might need a little extra this holiday season. As a result, a friend in her daycare got extra clothes for Christmas and Olivia was reminded how fortunate we are and how important it is to be generous. We also sponsored a family for Christmas through Capital High.
  2. Neighborhood Housing ServicesRake up Boise and Paint the Town are the pride and joy of this organization that does so much for so many. Other services include pre-foreclosure help, lending and providing affordable housing for refugees. They seek advocates, donors and volunteers.
  3. Local food, farms and gardens! - That’s why we support Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), and the Jordan Street Garden. BUGS is a comprehensive, youth organic gardening and educational organization, while the Jordan Street Garden is an urban refugee garden bridging cultural barriers in North Boise.

    We love bikes! - That’s why we support the Boise Bicycle Project, a community-oriented organization promoting the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling.

  5. Mmmmm… fresh baked goods… - That’s why we jumped at the chance to support 14-year old Isabelle when she decided to turn her baking passion into a local business. Just Baked Boise is our favorite destination for fresh breads, treats and gifts!
  6. Music and dance make the world go ‘round! - That’s why we support Radio Boise and Dance Unlimited’s competitive dance team. You can tune in to Radio Boise online or at 89.9 FM, and everyone from toddlers to adults can get their dance on at Dance Unlimited. Hip Hop, ballet, tap, jazz…there’s something for everyone.

Boise Urban Garden School summer vegetable stand.

Learn more about the organizations/businesses you are supporting by supporting us:

We are proud to promote paying it forward to individuals living their passions. Whether it’s $25 or $1,000, when we learn of a need we dip into our pockets and do our best to rally like-minded people around us. Nothing gets us more excited than helping a great project start from scratch or continue to grow and thrive.

We will continue to support businesses and organizations like these in 2014. Whether you support these businesses/organizations or your own personal favorites, we thank you for fostering our local community. We also thank you for your business, which has allowed us to do the same.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and generous 2014!

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