Where does your green grass go?

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Happy mowing season! I hear a lawnmower grinding away in the background as I write to inform you that the options for your grass clippings have increased.

Did you know that at the end of last mowing season, Boise introduced a grass recycling program to add to our grass clipping management options? With four hundred folks already enrolled, Republic Services is pleased that it started taking off this spring, according to a quick investigative phone call I placed.

For $7.95 a month, participants receive an extra, tan 95 gallon trash bin dedicated to clippings and leaves. They’re hauled to a Silage Pit in Ada County, instead of the landfill. The cart is dedicated specifically to grass clippings April through October, and leaves in November (that’s right –no more leave bags). December through March it serves as an extra trash bin.

The silage is tested for chemical content and safety, tarped and will be used as cattle feed. Participants in the program are asked to use only animal- and Earth-friendly products on their lawn.

While grass may not be the most water-wise investment, Boiseans love their lawns and have several choices on what to do with the waste.

Other options for grass clippings include mulching nutrient-filled grass back into the yard, or using as mulch in garden beds, offering them to your backyard chickens, and sending them to the landfill. The landfill option also is well managed.

“The Ada County Landfill employs a methane recapture system to generate electricity and provide power to thousands of local homes. The presence of yard waste and other organic material in the landfill actually facilitates the generation of gas and more electricity,” according to the web site with all the information on grass clippings http://curbit.cityofboise.org/residential/yard-waste/grass/ .

Cutting out grass clippings all together in our arid location is another option many progressive Boiseans have converted to. Xeriscapes and edible gardens don’t create grass clippings but they do put water to wise use.

I hope you’re enjoying your yard this summer, no matter how you’re managing it!


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