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What to Expect from Your Agent

Have you ever wondered about an MLS listing missing photos or critical information. Or why your neighbor sold their home for so little. Or why a house sat on the market longer than it seems like it should, given the house’s price and appeal compared to overall market conditions. Sometimes I’m amazed by the evidence that a hard-working agent could have made the difference in the results.

You deserve great results, solid market information and helping-hand style customer service when working toward the biggest sale of your life – a home. Here are some things to look for when choosing an agent to make sure you’re not setting your sight too low.


  • Availability. Are they available to work with your schedule and responsive to your calls and emails?
  • Information with experience. Are they experts in all elements of real estate, including the art of making and keeping a good deal, adapting to adversity, and keeping things on track when all does not go perfectly smoothly?
  • Market knowledge. Do they understand the market and are they going to seek that careful balance between your wants and needs, while providing insight on the opportunities and limitations of the current market? Do they drive traffic to your listing?  Do they check out houses to personally seek out pertinent information that might be missing from the listing (e.g. an unlisted shop or bedroom)?
  • Understanding. Are they listening to and hearing your needs, answering your questions, understanding your goals and helping translate your interests into opportunities, while striving to be helpful? Your agent’s primary interest should be your goals.
  • Pressure-free. Are they helping guide you toward your desired direction without pressuring you to make a decision that’s inconsistent with your goals, or the less than what the market can do for you.

What Else to Expect from Me

As those of you who have worked with me before already know, or have said here in my reviews on Zillow, I’m not afraid of hard work and extra efforts to help a deal succeed. I like to go above and beyond. . To me, it’s not about making a sale – it’s about making the sale work for my clients because, as those in the service industry should understand, I’m happy when they’re happy. What does this mean in details? Here’s some extra things I do with my clients.


  • Insight – I maintain a blog to share my market trend knowledge, insights and tips, but when working together, you’ll receive individual information pertaining to your house or the areas you need guidance. Leveraging more than a decade in the industry,  I can run the numbers with you, share my resources and local connections and point out reasons not to buy into a deal, if I see something that you miss.
  • Creativitiy. Creative, professional photos accompany each listing, in addition to flyers, placement on Zillow and well-written descriptions. Adaptive deal-handling skills.
  • Availability X 2 – You have double the coverage and resources because I partner with Sherri B, the active broker at Buy-Boise Real Estate Group. Our clients get two of us for the price of one.
  • Responsiblity. I take responsibility for researching the price points, helping you prepare your home for sale and helping you evaluate your opportunities and determine which next steps are most reasonable for you. It’s my goal that you have a good experience and my responsibility to do what I can to facilitate that.
  • Extras – it’s hard to summarize what the “extras” might be in any scenario, but I know them when I see them and am not afraid to take on the extra expense, effort or work. It’s my goal to make sure your house is ready to sell when the parade comes through. For buyers, I’ll take extra time with you on the process, followed by extra steps to make sure your offer is going to receive all due consideration (and then some) – sometimes by writing a personal letter other times through solid negotiations to help ensure that the right deal isn’t lost due to details.

If you’re considering selling your home, or interested in assessing your readiness in terms of an equity standpoint, we should talk. Value assessments are part of my job.


Shana Moore, Your Local Boise Real Estate Professional and source of real estate market trends in Boise Idaho



Shana Foster Moore,

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